Two of William’s novels have been made into motion pictures, Broken Trust, formerly titled “Court of Honor” and Rampage.
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Tom Selleck starred in BROKEN TRUST. Here he is at the movie premiere in New York with his wife Jillie Mack, William in the back row beside John Gregory Dunne who wrote the screenplay with his wife Joan Didion, wearing shawl in the front row.
Tom Selleck and co-star Marsha Mason in BROKEN TRUST
Tom Selleck as Judge Timothy Nash in BROKEN TRUST
William (far left) on the set of RAMPAGE with the actors and director. Others from left to right: Michael Biehn who plays Deputy District Attorney Anthony Fraser, Alex McArthur who plays the serial killer Charles Reece, and William Friedkin, the Academy Award winning director.
The poster art for the Miramax Films release of RAMPAGE
The Greek VHS tape release of RAMPAGE featuring Alex McArthur
Academy-Award winning director William Friedkin on the set of RAMPAGE
Michael Biehn as Deputy District Attorney Anthony Fraser in RAMPAGE

Broken Trust — 1995

Rampage — 1987