Hector Molina controls Gangland. From behind prison bars, he rules a ruthless gang of renegades who deal in extortion, drugs, and death. U.S. attorney Claude Massingill is determined to expose Gangland. He’s got Molina locked up as a protected witness for a trial that’s sure to make headlines—and Molina couldn’t ask for a better hideout than the one the government is giving him. Now, Assistant D.A. Mike Swanson needs to penetrate Gangland… and fast. He’s got to break through the federal fence, get to Molina, and convict the notorious prison ganglord of murder… before someone ends up dead.

The nonstop action and relentless pace will satisfy fans of the hard-boiled thriller genre.
Publishers Weekly
Compelling… Wood knows [how to] weave a compelling story, convincingly plotted and crisply told.
San Diego Union

Suspense-filled… Realistic, fast-moving… Molina is the kind of criminal that you love to hate.
Daily News